Would you like to sing regularly with an award-winning, ambitious and highly sociable London-based choir?

The Epiphoni Consort has a vacancy for a bass to join the choir with a view to singing in most projects throughout the year.

The vacancy will be most suited to someone who:

  • Enjoys singing chorally to the highest standards
  • Can sightread and sing one-to-a-part confidently
  • Might sing professionally from time to time (such as church deputising) alongside a non-singing career
  • Is sociable and keen to partake in the social aspects of the choir

Please find out more about membership of the choir here.

As well as the permanent position we are interested to receive applications from anyone who would like to be on our deputies list, singing with us for around half the year’s projects.

Applications are now open

Please write to auditions@epiphoni.org.uk with a short covering note and a brief CV of your singing experience.

Auditions will be held at St John’s Wood Church from midday onwards on:

  • Sun 9th June
  • Sun 30th June

Information on the audition format will be sent to you upon being offered an audition.